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Here you will find key resources about BHD for both you and your doctor that can be read online or printed.

We always want to hear your thoughts on what resources you think could be useful. Contact us with your ideas. 


We understand everyone has different needs when it comes to reading and understanding our literature. Please let us know if you require any of the documentation on this website in an accesible format such as larger font. We can print and send this to you anywhere in the world. Adobe offer a read aloud feature for those with visual impairments.

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Call us on 020 8050 2091

Write to us at Myrovlytis Trust, 26 Cadogan Square, London, SW1X 0JP, UK

  • BHS awareness Leaflet Image

    BHD Awareness Leaflet

    This leaflet aims to raise awareness of BHD among doctors. The more doctors who have heard of BHD, the more likely they will correctly diagnose BHD. Please print out this leaflet and share with your doctors.

  • BHD Medicard image

    BHD Medicard

    If you would like to carry some information about BHD and a record of your symptoms in case of emergencies, please download the BHD Medicard. The BHD Medicard can be printed and folded up into the size of a credit card so you can put it in your wallet.

  • Introduction to BHD for Clinicians

    Clinical Introduction to Birt-Hogg-Dubé Syndrome

    This leaflet provides an overview of BHD so doctors can confidently recognise BHD. Please print out this leaflet and share it with your doctors.

  • Family Letter Template Image

    Family Letter

    This is a letter template to help you tell your family about BHD. You can add your own information in between the *stars*. Please do feel free to personalise more of the letter if you would like to.

  • BHD Kidney cancer Symptoms Leaflet Image

    Kidney Cancer Symptoms Overview

    Learn about BHD associated kidney cancer and its symptoms.

  • Kidney Cancer Treatments Leaflet Image

    Kidney Cancer Treatment Overview

    Learn about monitoring and treating kidney cancer.

  • Advanced Info Lung Treatments

    Lung Collapse Treatment Overview

    Learn about lung collapses and how doctors treat them.

  • Advanced Info Skin Treatments

    Skin Treatment Overview

    Learn about fibrofolliculomas (the skin bumps seen in BHD) and the treatments for them.

  • Introduction to BHD for Patients

    Your Introduction to Birt-Hogg-Dubé Syndrome

    This leaflet provides an overview of what BHD is, how to get tested and the symptoms.